Sheriffs Showing Allegiance to god, Not Duty to Citizens

Several counties in Missouri have begun placing “In God We Trust” stickers on patrol cars.  Today, Jasper County, where I live, have begun to do the same.  The pic below is the “press release” the department put on Facebook.

The release reads:

The Jasper County Sheriff’s Office is very pleased to announce that we are adding “In God We Trust” decals to the vehicles in our fleet. The first vehicles have begun to have the decal applied this week. We are extremely fortunate that many citizens, businesses and organizations of Jasper County have volunteered to help finance the making of the decals.
Randee KaiserJasper County Sheriff

Does the Kaiser not know that he is alienating pretty much every citizen that does not believe in the Abrahamic god?  I have no problem with a civil servant wearing a cross, or a crescent, or a pentagram on a chain around their neck.  That is a personal statement about the individual, and I’m all for that. But when they advertise for Yahweh on public property, that is a big no-no.  It is the religious equivalent of them painting a Confederate flag on the roof of the squad cars.

I have sent the Freedom From Religion Foundation a violation report.

If you live in Jasper or Stone county, please send in a report to the FFRF, or Americans United to report your sheriff department for a blatant violation of church and state.

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