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Freedom to Discriminate

6a00d83451c45669e2016766065729970b-550wiYesterday, Indiana governor, Mike Pence, signed the Religious Freedom Reformation Act into law.  The bill has nothing to do with protecting the freedom of religion, that is already guaranteed by the First Amendment.  So why then did they want it?  The bill gives businesses the privilege of discriminating against whomever based on the religion of the company’s owners.  This means that Christians may discriminate against Muslims because Islam is a direct challenge against Christianity.  It means that Muslims can discriminate against Jews because Jews are blaspheming by claiming to be the “chosen people”, Jews can discriminate against Christians for blaspheming that Jesus was the messiah, and all of them can discriminate against gays because their religions moralize bigotry.

10923272_10152841444486275_2941424864301351757_nYesterday, George Takei, actor, and LGBTQ activist, called for a boycott of the entire state of Indiana.  I plan to do so the best I can.  Then again that’s not saying much.  I live in Missouri and have never been to Indiana.  Salesforce, a $4 billion has shut down its offices and is leaving Indiana.  Ballsy move, and a good one.  I hope other companies follow suit.

Oklahoma had a similar bill in the works, but the opposition got smart.  They amended the bill so that business owners who wanted to exercise their right to discriminate had to post a sign saying exactly who and why they will discriminate against.  The bill was shelved.  house amendment 6 of the Indiana bill tried to do the same, but the amendment failed.  Apparently bigots don’t like advertising their bigotry.


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