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California and ISIS

Many of you are aware that there is a bill submitted in California that would call for executing gays with a bullet to their head.  Below is a video explaining it.  Together, they’re only about 12 minutes long.

The above is a short step from ISIS, as seen in this video:,

I am surprised, for one, that the “kill the Gays” bill was first submitted in California.  I would have thought Texas would be first.  But the fact that some one would submit it is proof that elements of what could blossom into something like ISIS is right here in the US.

And they are Christian.

But why hasn’t the US devolved into a theocracy?  Because of secular ideas like the separation of church and state. Because of humanitarian morality tempering religious morality.  I think that’s what gets the holier-than-thou types all riled up sometimes: Abolition, Suffrage, Equal Rights, these are all secular ideas that have invaded the church, transforming tribalistic, bronze-age mythology into something palatable in the modern era.


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