This is in response to a Joplin Globe article about the GOP wanting to abolish AP history classes in Oklahoma.

The original article is here.

Basically, Oklahoma state Rep. Dan Fisher, R-El  Reno, proposed a bill that would abolish AP history classes in Oklahoma because, according to him, the liberal left has taken control of education.  He wants a focus on the positive side of US history, and not anything negative.  And he wants free-enterprise to be seen in only a good light.

I remember when history was taught like the GOP wants it done.  In fact, the book “Lies my Teacher Told me” by James Loewen, was written in response to it.  The GOP is not wanting American HISTORY taught in high school, but American MYTHOLOGY.  Every aspect of history was told through the eyes of old white men who did no harm, and only good.

Surely, Fisher’s objection on “free-enterprise” grounds is the course’s coverage of how the Robber Barons bilked the country before Roosevelt busted their trusts; about how Laissez-Faire capitalism led to the great depression, and how a different Roosevelt’s New Deal eased the country out of the depths of depression (until WWII yanked us completely out); about how Reagan’s Trickle-Down policy saw no trickling down at all and in fact led to a shrinking of the middle class.

But then Fisher is a clergyman, he peddles fantasy, not fact; faith, not evidence.

Fortunately for my kids, we do not live in Oklahoma.  But Oklahoma is a neighbor of Missouri, and that worries me.  This GOP push originated in Texas and is pushing its way around the South.  Their goal is a grass-roots version of a common core curriculum with not a right-wing slant, but rather for the right-wing to bend it over.


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