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GOP tries to de-fang the EPA

H.R.1422 – EPA Science Advisory Board Reform Act of 2014 just passed the House with a 229-191 vote.  This is a Republican led initiative that would do two things to thwart the regulatory ability of the EPA. The first is that the Science Advisory Board must include “industry experts” (meaning those approved by the industry in question), and exclude anyone from an environmental advocacy group.  The second is that the bill bars scientists on the board from using their own research, you know, on the very subjects they have their PhDs in, for consideration on the SBA.

Let’s get this right:  The GOP’s idea of “fairness” is to silence those who wish to protect the environment while simultaneously mandating that the views of those who wish to exploit the environment be considered?  This is purely profit above humanity. Yes, I fall on the side of the environmentalists because I live in the “environment”, just like everyone else. I like not breathing toxic fumes, and not sipping on flammable water.

The EPA is not there to fight against businesses, it is there to protect the very air we breathe, the water we drink, and the soil that grows our food from the pollution our modern society produces.  If the EPA takes an “anti-business” stance, it is in reaction to the business taking an anti-environment/pro-profit-and-not-caring-about-those-we-harm attitude.  It is understandable that a company would be frustrated that after spending millions of dollars and thousands of man hours on a project when the EPA shuts it down.  But then if that project was, say, dumping a ton of cyanide into the local lake a day, well that is not the EPA’s fault.  If the company should blame anyone, it should be the scientists and engineers that designed and implemented the project that bear the brunt of the blame.

But such a stance would make that company on the same side as the EPA, and no red-blooded GOPer would put up with that!


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