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ACLU takes on Ohio on religious requirement for tutoring groups.

The ACLU is currently researching the legal implications over a new Ohio law.  The law gives a total of $10 million in grants for tutoring programs for schools.  The requirements are that the school must first partner with a faith-based organization or church, and a business.  Here is a link to the article:

Naturally, I’ against the religious requirement, but why the business requirement?  If a non-profit wants to donate their time they must enlist the help of a business or religion.  This is just state sponsored PR for god and the merchant at best, and at worst a form of proselyting for both.

Think about it. If a group of retired teachers wanted to form a group and tutor at a school, they must first partner with a business and a church to get any needed school supplies.  How does this enhance the education of the students?  This is basically a slap in the face for Ohio schools by sating that the principals of the schools cannot handle funding for mentoring and tutoring programs.  That is what principals do… that is what they get their doctorates in: How to effectively run a school that maximizes student education!


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